Daycare (DC)

Finding the right daycare center for children with developmental disabilities is just as important as finding the right doctor and caregiver. The Daycare unit at the Bahoz center is a safe and positive place for your child to grow, and we are trying to give children at this unit valuable time to follow a predetermined curriculum which is obtained from the applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to work and learn alone and in the group with a focus on activities of daily living (ADL). The program is 5 days a week and covers 4 hours (9 to 1). Children in an age range from 6 to 14 will also receive their needed services individually but in a group setting to be able to act in their natural environment and with their peer group. Individuals admitted to this unit will be divided into 5 groups based on their level of ability and their evaluation report and a special evaluation which is performed in this unit.

The levels are:

Basic level (1)

Basic level (2)

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

At each level, individuals will receive different rehabilitation and training services for 4 hours during the day. Children will be evaluated every three months and based on the evaluation reports they will remain or be transferred to different levels. The program might last for 4 years and prepares the individual to be transited to the upper levels of training (vocational training services) or inclusive educational settings. Individuals receive their training in a group of 4 members to be able to learn communication, turn-taking, joint attention, and reciprocity with their peer groups under a controlled situation. Individuals are allocated to different 4 members groups based on their level of general abilities. The teaching environment structured based on the structured teaching attitude (TEACCH) and Behavioral approach of training is considered. Trainers in this unit are trained staff who can consider behavioral, structured, and communication approaches. They are trained to cope with behavioral challenges.

Individualized Educational Plans (IEP) are developed based on parentally approved aims and for the individuals who might need extra rehabilitation or training services treatment plans are considered. There are hundreds of approved training contents that are coded following their type (Exercise, Play, or Task) which applied in this unit. This unit is well equipped with hundred of training and learning items that are obtained and coded based on the different subjects which are considered in the training curriculum to meet individuals' unique needs.

The trainers and caregivers are in contact with a specially developed notebook that exchanges ideas between the center and parents daily.

Parents are invited to share their ideas and queries through an online system with the coordinator of the unit while they will be provided with updated data in an online channel which is established in one of the applicable social media platforms.