WISC-Vl Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Fourth Ed

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Fourth Edition is an intelligence test that measures a child’s intellectual ability and 5 cognitive domains that impact performance. 

I am Ameneh (Negar) Mahmoodizadeh I recived my Bachelors degree in the field of educational sciences, exceptional children from Mashhad University and recived my Master’s of educational planning in Tehran. I started my work in the department of diagnosis and prevention of Special education organization in 1996. During 1996-2004, I participated in the standardization of first Step-Bohem screening tests—five parallel forms of post-primary school assessment and the revised Liter-Revised liter functional test. Since 2004, along with the establishment of autism department in the standardization of ADI-R test, I have cooperated with the project executive and for many years I have been directly responsible for training human resources in the autism sector throughout the country. In 2006, I also undertuded the training of human resources in the IQ tests department throughout the country. In 2005, the standardization performer of the ADOS test, which for some reason remained unfinished In 2007, the normative implementer of The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test Second Edition (WIAT-II; Wechsler, 2005) In 2010, the standardization of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale | Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV) In 2011, the standardization performer of Wechsler 4 and Wechsler supplementary tests In the executive section of 2006, I took over the implementation of the assessment of students entering primary school in the country, and I was appointed as the head for the technical and scientific responsibilities of this project and its general implementation policy and became the innovator of implementing this plan in an online approch in the country.

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