About Us

In 2009, God gave us our son "Bahoz". After a short while, we felt that he has a problem with his hearing and probably his mental abilities. We had not qualified training and rehabilitation center at that time in Erbil, therefore, we had no other choice except to seek services in other countries for over four years.

Bringing up a child with a developmental disability is a challenging task for parents and caregiving might have some undesirable mental and psychological impacts on them. Especially in countries similar to ours with a lack of qualified professionals in the rehabilitation and training fields along with a shortage of the formal support and services and social stigma associated with this caregiving. This situation inspired me to establish a professional daycare center in 2015 in Erbil to reduce the load of the burden imposed on parents.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that all of us together from the government to the human rights nongovernmental organization understand our responsibilities toward children with developmental disabilities and their caregivers and do our best to make the situation easier for them during passing this way.

The Bahoz Center founder

Ali Ibrahim Ali