Family Care (FC)

Family Support Services at the Bahoz center is designed to provide information and guidance to families of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide information and support to families with children with developmental disabilities. Family care unit staff are established to assist parents and caregivers to learn about and access services available at the Bahoz center and in the community. For every individual and family, the role of family care support will be unique. This unit will do its best to present parents and caregivers with a framework that allows them to navigate through the many challenges parents and other family members may experience when finding options for care, relief, or community support. The provided services at the moment are:

1. Providing parents and caregivers regarding communication with individuals with developmental disabilities in different situations and environments. The level of development of the individuals and available resources and services are considered in this situation.

2. Parental individualized guidance and counseling sessions regarding the challenges associated with caregiving for an individual with developmental disabilities and understanding the challenges through using different scales and instruments such as:

Parental General Health Scale

Parental Sources of Stress

Family Functioning

Parental Satisfaction with the caregiving 

Beck Depression Scale

Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI)

Parental Coping Strategies

Parental Quality of Life

Bangor Mindful Parenting Scale

Aberrant Behavior Checklist

The above-mentioned scales are some of the applicable ones in this unit. Parents might receive individualized and group meeting sessions with the head of this unit. 

Parental individualized support will be provided based on the treatment plans at this unit.

This Unit also collects valuable information regarding parental ideas, their special needs, and requests based on their perspective, attitude, and values.

Some projects are going on in this unit to understand the parents of children with developmental disabilities in Kurdistan.